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Custom Rugs

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Step 2

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4 Step process

Step 4

Looking for the perfect rug? Search no more! Here's our simple 4 step process to getting you the perfect rug for your Casa! 


Step 1 The Inspiration.


This can be anything, a piece of fabric, wallpaper, painting, whatever! Once we get this we send it off to our design team to come up with a rendering. Now your ready for step 2.


Step 2 Colors, Material & Quality.


There's no shortage of colors to choose from our color box, so you'll definitely find the right color. Next you choose your material, materials to choose from include wool, silk, viscose (faux silk), bamboo silk, banana silk, hemp, jute & sisal, cactus, cotton, AND MORE! Now you just have to decide what kind of quality you prefer. This will play a big part in your budget so be sure when choosing the quality that its the one for you. Qualities include Hand Knotted, Hand Tufted, & Hand Loomed. Colours and pattern will vary on each rug as they are all done by hand.


Step 3 The Rendering.


Now that you got steps 1 & 2 taken care of, its time to approve the rendering. We'll show you a basic design illustrating how the patterns will play out on the size of your rug. In most cases, we will weave up a 2X2 sample of your rug so you can get a better idea of what your in for.


Step 4 Weaving


The final step! Once all finishes and renderings are approved, our team of expert weavers will get started on your rug ASAP! Custom rugs can generally take anywhere from 40 to 190 days to complete. This depends on the quality of rug you chose.


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